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The Realities of a Newborn

To anybody who has never had children or experienced a newborn in my eyes there is a somewhat twisted perception of what being a parent to a newborn baby is like, so heres from me to you a few home truths.....
-Newborn babies may sleep all day but don't be fooled! There is no chance they'll sleep all night, you'll see hours of the day you only recognise as those hours when you used to stroll through the door with take-away in hand and a hangover already starting to form. If you have a good sleeper, your lucky and I strongly dislike you!
-They'll be milk EVERYWHERE! Wether you've chose to breastfeed or formula feed your boobs will still be full of colestrum desperate to escape your body! So don't be surprised when theres a random sudden leakage throughout the first few days, boob pads are bloody amazing and dirt cheap! Make sure the most of them!
-People are constantly at the house! Even when you've just got through the door from the hospital they'll be a …

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